#34 Death By Phone

If only Era was to control all the topics there would be a lot more detail. Can you tell the difference between Eras topics and Eds?  What would you do if I told you that putting your phone against your skin can cause cancer? Apple says to keep your mobile decide 10mm away from your […]

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#33 Bayhem ft Tcha

Today’s episode is featuring Tcha, a friend of the show. We start off talking about movies, what actually takes place on screen and behind the scenes to make the final product. We speak about the top 10 movies on IMDB and how much Ed thinks Dark Knight is not a good movie. Tcha talks about getting […]

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#31 Election Day

    Hopefully everyone voted because your vote counts. Today we spoke about the elections and how we identify with the candidates. It seems all people involved in the podcast can relate to and hope Jeremy Corbyn wins. Although Ed has no idea about anything the government.  How would you feel having to pay £50 […]

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#29 Pay to Play

Why does era keep talking like every single listener of the podcast is in the room with us?  Who has seen the film Get Out? It seemed to me all the “hidden messages” were overlooked and people just gravitated towards the surface storyline. Which was basically a white family benefiting off of black People. If […]

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Who is not worthy of being famous in the UK music scene? We all have to admit there is a few artists that don’t really have the talent and we have to wonder how they made it successful. How do you last in the industry with no talent? We go down memory lane and speak […]

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  On today’s episode with have black jesus and judas. Do not forget to visit www.theopshow.com and follow @theopshow on twitter. What was your thoughts on the Connor Vs Nate fight? It was a major letdown seeing Connor lose after all the big talk and seeing his past performances. Do you have any sympathy for him? He […]

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#19 Scumbags ft @Sandokhan

Uncle Sandokhan is known for his unfiltered tweets and considered to be an uncle figure to his younger followers. He says the best way to enjoy twitter is to be yourself and don’t allow other users to censor your content. We spoke on other users trying to impose an age limit on twitter and how stupid that sounds when the creator of twitter is age 38…

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