#13 – Don’t Be Scurred ft @Marcellospooks

Back again, we have been falling off schedule with the episodes so if anyone has been paying attention…
If there are any problems please send all complaints to Ed lol.
Today is probably one of our best episodes thus far as it’s featuring a very talented artist that goes by the name of Marcello Spooks. The fact of the matter is that to label him as just a rapper is a huge understatement.
His style goes way past any typical rap… and especially that normal stuff you’re probably used to.
To hear the latest tracks by Marcello Spooks check his soundcloud:
Now back to the show…
Do you believe in the Ego? We think it can be used in both good and bad ways. When the ego is observed and controlled to an extent, it can be used to take you to great places and make you do great things. On the other hand, the ego can stop you from making friends and reaching your full potential. It is a double edged sword that also has cuts your hand off if you grip it incorrectly. (you can thank BLADE aka Wesley Snipes for that reference lol)
Marcello uses his ego to his advantage and you should be able to hear this through his music. Spooks tells us how he has studied a lot of people as he was trying to improve his style, again relating back to the ego as someone who had no control over their ego would not be able to study others to better himself. That person would already think he’s the best already without warrant. He goes on to tell us the importance of finding the right place to jump on a beat, which might seem like an obvious task but takes a lot of practice and listening to find out where the best place is for you to jump on the track.
When all these things click together a certain energy is given out to the listener, it’s a culmination of these things that make the hairs on your neck stand up.
We believe that we are not made to work, or at least not just work a 9-5 or go to university. These routines need to have balance. Try and balance what you love doing or have a passion for, with things that need to be done… such as paying the bills. Who knows one day the roles might change and doing what you love might pay the bills for you!!!
We loved how connected  Marcello is to his music. He actually believes in himself and is confident in his skills as an artist. This quality shines throughout the show.
In the words of Marcello…
 And most importantly… TRAVEL!
All this and more on todays episode of the Ordinary People Show!!

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