#28 Where is the Talent? Ft J Unkown & Sean

talent concept
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The Ops have returned for good. That’s it we are back, for good. We kick things off with the usual subject matter you love. Ordinary people sharing their thoughts on what’s taking place in the world.

Our guest who we will call Sean The Engineer has blessed with his presence.

In this episode we talk about the current state of the music industry in terms of sales, business plans and the major changes taking place. Are you the type of person that hates the market or the type of person that tries their best to adapt and make the best of things? Think about it if your product is good and you have the skills to understand what the market is looking for you shouldn’t have any problem during any shift of how the market decides to consume content.

Are you the consumer that goes out of their way to buy a solid copy of an album or do you prefer going to concerts and festivals and paying for what may be a one off experience?? All these things are relevant in this shift that’s taking place in the music industry.

We speak about creating worthy content and how talent might not always be the winner. Sometimes people go the extra length to get heard and promote their content. The state of the internet itself is changingĀ  and people are aiming to create spectacles rather than actually promote good straight up talent. This isn’t a complaint this is just an unbiased observation of what’s taking place today.

We speak about all this and more on today’s episode.

This is the Ordinary Peope Show. Ordinary People, Extraordinary Conversation.


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