On today’s episode with have black jesus and judas. Do not forget to visit www.theopshow.com and follow @theopshow on twitter.

What was your thoughts on the Connor Vs Nate fight? It was a major letdown seeing Connor lose after all the big talk and seeing his past performances. Do you have any sympathy for him? He is doing a lot for the UFC reputation at the moment we hope he can recover from this lost. He is a great athlete but he just bit off more than he could chew in this situation.

Quick side note: How comes we entertain Connors boastful behaviour and try to diss Mayweather for doing the same thing? Is it race related?

How deep should we be involved in a celebrities life? Does it matter if a celebrity cheats if it doesn’t affect his or her talent? Why is the reaction to everyday human actions heightened when a celebrity does it? Do you face losing your job and bad press if you cheat?

Ever heard of a female artist called “Abra”? Well a few of the club members went to her concert. We enjoyed the performance very much do your googles to find out more about her you wont be disappointed!

We speak about all this and more on today’s episode of the The Ordinary People Show!!!


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