The Ordinary People Show #5 – #TheyreNotAboutIt FT Madders


What’s the first thing that comes to mind where you the name Madders?
Madders is a Grime Mc who has started making noise on the social network vine and now probably has more loops than your favourite MC.
Apart from those viral clips, not many people really know who Madders is…
Some people don’t know what Madders means or if she is really serious about making music at all.
As usual The OP Show is here to enlighten you and hopefully by the end of this show you will understand the mind of an artist with some viral exposure a bit more.
We spoke about her first videos on vine, her first grime set…. whether or not male MC’s see her as a threat and how she felt about the Kanye West/ Skepta grime performance at the Brit Awards alongside a variety of other subjects.

Overall we loved her bubbly character and wanted to know if has anything changed for her since getting all of this attention from her vines.
Welcome to another great episode of the Ordinary People Show!!!
Follow Madders on
twitter: @Tiff0

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