#29 Pay to Play

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Why does era keep talking like every single listener of the podcast is in the room with us? 

Who has seen the film Get Out? It seemed to me all the “hidden messages” were overlooked and people just gravitated towards the surface storyline. Which was basically a white family benefiting off of black People. If that’s you please take time and watch the movie again. 

We speak about the idea of “in game purchases” and how people are paying for unfinished games. This was unheard of a couple years ago and nobody would’ve accepted such a concept. In some cases you could easily spend £100 on one game, the initial purchase would be £50 and the rest would be spent on trying to keep up or be ahead of your fellow gamers. This kind of connects to our previous episode about how a market can change and how the creators adapt to these changes. In this episode we talk about E Sports possibly making an appearance at the Olympic Games and whether playing a computer game can actually be considered a SPORT. 

Ed also speaks about the idea of “being too old” to take part in certain activities and how that could speed up the ageing process. If you act young to some extent you’ll also feel young, that’s not to say you must keep up with every trend but you shouldn’t let age be the reason why you aren’t taking part in certain activities. 

We speak about all this and more on this episode of The OPS. 

This is the Ordinary People Show. Ordinary People, Extraordinary Conversation. 


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