The Ordinary People Show #3 – The Young Taxman! Featuring @TreFBC

Tax Man

Today we have a guest from the Fat Boy Club. A very inspiring young man who knew what he wanted to do from a young age and set out on that path as soon as he could.
Tre is an inspiration to us simply because he had a vision and made it real with no excuses. We decided he needed his own episode so he can tell us about himself and maybe also inspire some of the listeners.
This is the whole idea of the show to expose “ordinary” people to the masses so they can share whatever they feel is worth sharing. At the end of each show we hope to inspire, provoke thought or both. This show is a reminder that we all have the ability to do or share something.
Listen to our latest episode to get a little sneak peek into Tre’s personal life and his occupation you will be amazed to hear what he has achieved at his age.

Thanks for putting up with the Sound issues in Episodes 1 and 2! We should be crystal clear from here onwards!


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