#21 Return of the OPS ft @NeoRemz

FullSizeRender (3)

We are back for the long run. We were having problems finding space to record but now that’s sorted we’re back on track.

If you know anything about the OP Show you know what our subject matter is. We discuss anything and everything that interests us.

In today’s comeback episode we spoke about the suicide of the Extreme sports BMX Legend Dave Mirra and what makes people want to commit suicide… We also discuss why we as people have such a big problem with suicide.

We speak about what makes a healthy diet and how comes we can’t have a similar diet to animals. How did we live before civilisation and what types of behaviour changed us into who we are today.

We speak about Genghis Khan and how he would terrorise people and how safe we are now in the present day. Even though things are still messed up we are in the safest time period known to man.

We speak about all this and more on today’s episode. Thanks to everyone that was asking what happened to the show, we are back in full effect.

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