The Ordinary People Show #8 – “Community Service” ft @KWAMMC and @ReemRems

Do you like Grime?
Do you like UK Rap?
Well todays episode we have the best of the both worlds thanks to our special guests. Kwam is an MC from London who literally personifies #PeoplePower and Remson is a Rapper and poet from North london who does more of the same if i’m perfectly honest!
This what we do on the OP Show we try to cater for everyone.
Do you have a suggestion on who you want to hear on the show?
Something we haven’t covered?
First thing should our UK artists be limiting themselves to one genre?
For example should someone that is known for UK Rap cross over to Grime or just stick to one thing?
Personally we think it is putting a limit on the artists progress because you never know what can happen when an artist decides to crossover. Especially if they are good at what they do.
Competition is also something that needs to stay in the scene. We understand this Chipmunk royal rumble is not going to last forever so we hope all artists in the scene keep up this competitive/clashing attitude towards their music. This is one of the ways the scene will continue to get better and at the end of the day we will get to really see who is the best.
Do you think that the energy of Grime can be compared to UK Rap?
We don’t think so the tempo and the vibe we get from Grime is crazy its energy cannot be denied. Rap has its moments but it is not always like that.
Lastly one more thing that needs to be more prevalent in both scenes is individuality. Artists should be aiming to stand out we don’t need everyone to be keeping up with certain trends and lingo sometimes be different and stand out.
Be an individual.
We discuss all of this and more on today’s episode of the Ordinary People Show.

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