#15 – Club Ketchup ft @neoremz, @trefbc & Adal

Instead of crisps today, Ed had caramel shortcakes made by Thorntons! He says they’re probably the “best unhealthy treat” known to man.
Today’s random fact is this:
In America, they use a term called “Clean Skinned Terrorist” which means “a potential attacker whose documents don’t arouse suspicion
or fit the stereotypes of what terrorists usually look like.” So it’s possible that President Bush is a clean skinned terrorist… Something to think about.
Today’s session featured members of the Fat Boy Club, and if you don’t know who or what that is just know that if it wasn’t for these people there would
probably be no Podcast.
We briefly spoke on consumerism and how companies keep selling the same things and just labelling it “brand new” to make sales. Why do we as consumers always fall for it? Its like because something is new and popular we feel we must buy it, why is that? Because Remz has an iPhone 4S does that make him less of a person or less cool in the eyes of his peers? What warrants you buying a new piece of technology or piece of clothing? Do you buy things because you NEED them or because its new and popular and maybe gives you some status amongst friends?
We are in time where men rule over men (the government and the royal family for example), and once something is against the law everyone automatically believes it to be wrong especially when it comes to drugs.
We think there is a problem when someone decides what you do with your body, it doesn’t make
sense that another man controls your reality. So much to the point when people go to work they have to pretend to be someone they’re not just to be accepted and stay employed.
If you have control over your mind and are mentally and physically healthy nobody should be able to tell what to do with your body. At the end of the day anything can be abused you can literally overdo anything, chocolate, gym and even McDonalds, it’s all down to you as a person.
In conclusion we decided that drugs aren’t for everyone and some of them are extremely dangerous but at the same time we shouldn’t be made into criminals for taking them and others shouldn’t be able to control what you put inside your body.
Moving on is it possible for girls to bully men? We believe so when there’s double standards involved, girls get away with a lot of things men can’t. We are sure you can think of many scenarios where a girl has attacked a man or treated him a certain way and got away with it but if the tables were turned it would be a different story.
We have all this and more on the Ordinary People Show!!!

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