#20 Black Man Clan ft @MikkyWisperz

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Today you’re in for a treat. Our guest today is Mikky someone we had made a connection with through twitter.

We got into it from the intro sharing opinions of whether a child should be circumcised and/or have their ears pierced and whether it’s worth the pain and is there any benefits that have been CONFIRMED. The reason for this is because you wouldn’t want your child to go though any pain so why is it different in this situation? Why are earrings and circumcisions so important to some people?

Again we’d like to shout out Mali Music if you didn’t know he is voice you can hear doing a cover to ordinary people in the background.

This is the big episode 20 we’ve come a long way and today we’d like to give you something special…

Today’s random fact is it took around 9000 years to make the corn on the cob as we know it today. It started off from a Teosinte plant no bigger than your little finger, a plant that belongs to the grass family.

Why are we so obsessed with the word organic? What’s the difference? Is words like organic and detoxing just marketing myths? Maybe these words are just used to make sells and fool the public? It’s something to think about.

We have all this and more on episode 20 of the Ordinary People Show. The big one!!!


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