The Ordinary People Show #10 – Heatbreaks and Lyrics ft @OmarTKIF

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Today we have the talented Artist Omar TKIF.
Sidenote: If you haven’t heard of him its time to do that Google search.
TKIF stands for the “The Kid Is Fucked” if you didn’t know… Now you do!
Although Ed was falling asleep before the session he had a good topic to start the proceedings with, his idea of a perfect girl. In his opinion:
“every girl is crazy, but as the man you have to decide what girl is worth the time.”
Do you agree?
Omar shared some of his “crazy girl” experiences, including one time when a girl had lied about having his  baby when in fact she was just trying to get his attention.
Crazy right?
…So crazy it led us to start speaking about the film  “Gone Girl”, if you haven’t seen this film please find time to as this is the perfect example of the type of crazy we were discussing. Hopefully none of us meet anyone like her lol.
Now Ed is sad as he’s just realising that there is no such thing as a girl that isn’t crazy :(…
Does emotion cloud our judgement? Think about it and if you do allow emotions to take over is it always worth it? Is the outcome of hanging on to that emotion worth it? It’s possible men and women are different with how they deal with their emotions, some believe girls always enter a argument powered by their emotions which leaves them lacking logic. Men on the other hand (the ones that we interact with) enter a argument with logic which leaves them lacking emotion.
All of this and much more on today’s episode of the OP Show.
Please reach out to us and let us know because this is one of the weirdest trends we have ever come across it doesn’t seem to make sense, or maybe its because we are males that we don’t understand.
Anyway listen to the episode to find out more about the singer and the cool guy named Omar.
Follow this link to his latest project –
If you enjoyed this episode share this with your friends and rate the episode on iTunes or wherever you find it. Love!

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