#19 Scumbags ft @Sandokhan


Our guest today goes by the name Sandokhan, which is pronounced Sando-Can. This name came from a Jamaican man from the 80s era… A man who was a victim of police brutality along with his girlfriend then decided to get revenge by killing policemen and shooting up a police station.

Uncle Sandokhan is known for his unfiltered tweets and considered to be an uncle figure to his younger followers. He says the best way to enjoy twitter is to be yourself and don’t allow other users to censor your content. We spoke on other users trying to impose an age limit on twitter and how stupid that sounds when the creator of twitter is age 38 today. There are no age restrictions on the internet unless you’re going on a naughty 18+ website. He went on to say the best tweeters he follows are “older” anyway because they have lived life and actually have something to say and until his kids come on to twitter he will not be filtering his thoughts or leaving twitter.

Sandokhan also wanted to let everyone know he is not a scumbag as he often gets accused of this on twitter, he just says things other males are afraid to lol. In his own words he knows how to behave around women so there should no problems and if he was in a relationship he wouldn’t tweet certain things out of respect…. See he’s a good guy.

We touched on relationships and how people always try and put rules and regulations on the opposite sex and often end up with weak results. What would make more sense is that if you both respect each other you’ll find out what the other person doesn’t like and adapt to it along the way simply out of respect. Don’t force relationships just let it flow for a better more natural result.

We speak about parenting and a lot more on todays episode of Ordinary People Show…



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