#34 Death By Phone


If only Era was to control all the topics there would be a lot more detail. Can you tell the difference between Eras topics and Eds? 

What would you do if I told you that putting your phone against your skin can cause cancer? Apple says to keep your mobile decide 10mm away from your body when using it. But how is that even possible? Magic? 40 years from now perhaps we will have to comeback to this podcast for reference. The first phone was made around 40 years ago and only recently have there been reports directly linked to phone use and harm to the human body. 

Be thankful for people like Ed and Era they’re like modern day philosophers studying the internet and things taking place in the real world. This podcast is a like a guide into the new frontier and a guide on where technology might be taking us. 

Remember in a previous episode ed spent around 11/12 hours on his phone a day according to one app that tracks phone usage? Listen today’s episode to find out what’s happened since he’s stopped using social media in his new 100 day challenge of no social media. 

We speak about this and so much more in today’s episode. Like comment and shareeeeeee!! 

This is the Ordinary People Show. Ordinary People, Extraordinary Conversation. 


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