#31 Election Day


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Hopefully everyone voted because your vote counts. Today we spoke about the elections and how we identify with the candidates. It seems all people involved in the podcast can relate to and hope Jeremy Corbyn wins. Although Ed has no idea about anything the government. 

How would you feel having to pay £50 million in tax? Do you really care about helping your country or are you true to your greed and want all the money for yourself? 

What does it take to make your own political party and for it to taken seriously by the public? Maybe we should make the OPS PARTY and see how it goes? People would laugh at the idea although the idea isn’t as absurd as what’s taking place now. 

Our government would be very simple, we would appoint one person to each important task. So for example we would have one person dealing with the NHS and one person dealing with the school curriculum. 

We go on to speak about the idea of false flags, terrorist attacks and conspiracy theory type situations. Are the latest terrorist attacks in London real or just put in place to put Theresa May in a stronger position? 

We don’t only speak about politics and the election on this episode. It gets better! 

This is the Ordinary People Show. Ordinary People, Extraordinary Conversation.


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