#16 – Squalid ft @Cableslams and @Dreshouse1

IMG_20150625_180746 (1)
This has to be the nastiest episode we’ve ever done. Blame the guests and not the hosts please lol.
Ed said from the beginning “I think today is gonna be a mad ting still” listen more and you’ll see why. Ed is back with the Doritos this episode and unfortunately Era wasn’t present for this episode because……  LIFE.
We had a 5 minute intro today as soon as Dre and Cable saw each other the conversation begun. These two have a different kind of energy which you’ll hear throughout the episode.
Not sure why but Cable tried to put on some deep RnB voice when introducing himself but overall he is a cool guy who likes to have a laugh. He says what’s on his mind and doesn’t hold back at all.
We spoke about the word hyper masculinity and what it means the definition in the dictionary is,
“A psychological term for the exaggeration of male stereotypical behaviour, such as an emphasis on physical strength, aggression, and sexuality.”
To us that meant that one could be acting like too much of a man but how is that even possible? And furthermore what does it even mean to be a man? Surely everyone’s idea of what makes a man is different, this argument will never end.
Ed pointed out that ever since signing up to twitter he has been shown a new type of male he did not know existed. A type of man that hate and cuss women everyday and actually mean it amongst other things. Men shouldn’t be acting like they have a hate towards because they can’t get their attention or whatever the reason may be.
We assumed Dre smoked and to our surprise he didn’t. He said he prefers the natural high and feeds off of someone else’s energy. Then shortly after said he’d try mushrooms we’re not sure if that was down to Cables bad influence we will let you decide.
Cable then started to speak about crack please listen to his description of the high you might be interested.
We also speak about why people call you names and try put you into categories just to keep you quiet or to change your opinion. Understand people will tell you things just to stop you from expressing yourself. Realise this and react immediately let your voice be heard if you believe in what you’re saying.
Lastly forgive us because this show went on so long that the device we use to record the audio had started to started to die. We managed to capture the whole conversation but there is few points where the audio sounds like its skipping.

We have all this and more on today’s show!!!!


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