The Ordinary People Show #7 – “Waste Trainers” ft @Ceepz


Hello again everybody!

It’s episode 7 and we still cant figure out why Pringles taste so good! Don’t worry because we’ve at least figured out that we want to wash it down with various flavours of Lucozade.

Our guest today goes by the name of Ceepz, he is the owner of a company named, The Fortè, that revolves around building networking opportunities and making connections in the world’s music industries as well teaching young people about how things work and their skills along their journey into Entrepreneurship.

We opened our discussion with waist trainers… 
Are they the easy way to stay in shape or a disaster waiting to happen?
It seems to be a lazy way to get a slim waist and only that, what will you do with the rest of your body?

We discussed the world of body enhancements and whether or not the illusions have gone too far. Women often complain about impossible body standards in the media so we discussed the standard expected for men today. Are impossible body standards the reason why so many males go to the gym?

We spoke about the unbreakable bond between a mother and child as well as the history of the idea of “Ownership” of women and family. Why does everybody act like staying at home with children instead of working all day is a punishment?

Can we blame all of this on the Ego?

All of this and much more on today’s episode of the Ordinary People Show.

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