The OP Show Episode 1 Featuring Oranje 2000


What makes pringles so addictive? Once you pop you just can’t stop clearly. This is the very first Ordinary People podcast we’ve decided to share it’s official we have lift off.

Can you trust other people around you when it comes to money? Furthermore can people trust you around money? What comes first for you group progression or self preservation?

We touch on the subject of building a community where people rely on each other instead everyone trying to be independent and selfish. Don’t you think life would be easier and more simple if we all had equal access to resources instead of a rat race or a pyramid of power?

Is there a better way to live life, is money the only way we can survive? If not what is the solution how can we start taking the next step? Things will never be perfect but change is needed, growth across all humanity is needed.

What is your idea of Utopia?

Listen to the first episode in full to see where this conversation goes.

This is what the show is about ordinary people sharing what’s on their mind. Reach out to us for a chance to feature on the show you’re all welcome.

This show is featuring Ed, Era and Orange.

(Please excuse the minor sound problems…)

Twitter: @theopshow


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