TheOPShow #12 – #BelieveInYourSlay ft @PeachesLenoir

As you can tell by now the show usually starts with something random. Today’s topic was crisps.
Can anyone else remember the Multi-pack Wotsits with different flavours?
Which flavours do you remember?
Today we have Peaches Lenoir from the Snatched team. is a website based on empowering females and giving them tips on how to cope with different aspects of their lives.
We spoke about the website content, with one of the most popular posts on the site entitled “the perfect blow job” being the one that initially caught our interest.
We then moved on to a topic about a girl who had feelings for a transexual man. This blog caught our attention and we wanted to know what warranted the term “transphobia”? We imagined a situation where a woman was meeting up with a man and began to catch feelings for him only to find out a couple months later that he used to be a woman… Well according to some corners of society, if you decide that you don’t like that person any more, then you’re transphobic.
How would you deal with a situation like that?
Furthermore, what is the difference between men and women apart from genitals?
We went on to learn some fun facts:
Did you know that in Nigeria (and probably also in some other countries) that people exchange money for their daughters when they get married, as some kind of sign of respect? The amount can also vary greatly depending whether she is educated and where. We learn something new every episode on the OP Show.
Moving on from that, we asked if every girl is crazy but just on different levels?
This is maybe one of the main reasons why we want to have females on the show so they can defend themselves and also give their opinions, perspectives and experiences on various topics.
We also had a little chat about what it takes to run a website and being “professional” in dealing with everyone’s opinions and criticisms. Sometimes people just have things to say, somebody will always have an opinion, right or wrong.
Oh! …and we speak about JUJU …yes black magic.
Ed didn’t think it was real until today. Scary stuff!
All of this and more on The Ordinary People Show!!

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