#32 Immortal Package ft Realmz & Adal

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Today we are the presence of Realms and Adal two very close friends of The OP Show. Era is missing from today’s episode for good reason!

In today’s episode we speak about how Adal lives his life without social media something Ed really admires and wishes he could be like. Tests have shown that this whole internet/smartphone era is changing how we think and how we go about our daily lives. It’s effecting our attention span and in extreme cases some of us can’t bare to be alone with our thoughts so we fill all the empty moments with screen time. 

Random fact in today’s episode, I didn’t know David Attenborough has a dinosaur egg in his house? That’s like a rare candy or some kind of Easter egg in life. 

Anyway back to technology, there’s this theory that technology will soon make humans useless. Robots are going to take all of our jobs leaving us with nothing to do and no way to make money and thrive on earth, not saying it’s true but it’s something to think about at least. 

Technology is amazing, do you think we speak about it too much? I feel it’s needed because it’s apart of everyday lives and has changed things so much. 

On this episode we spoke about technology and a lot more interesting things tune in to find out what else, share then comment! 

This is the Ordinary People Show. Ordinary People, Extraordinary Conversation. 


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