#23 MANS ON MARS ft Tcha (@tchabbdg)



23 episodes deep. If you have stayed with us this far we would like to thank you as we have a lot more in store for you the listeners. You’re appreciated.

Is barking a sh*thole? Our guest does not like barking and we wanted to know is it that bad.

Where did black jesus come from? Furthermore who is black jesus, can you tell?

When you get time please youtube search bread boys and listen to the music. Please send feedback to @theopshow as we would like to bring them back.

In todays episode we speak about the end of the world and how its going to end. Would you like to be awake for the end of the world?

Our guest mentions “The guy with the voice” and we automatically thought of Morgan Freeman, who was your first thought? There is not really another a famous person that has such a distinctive voice is there?

And if the world was to end would you go to Mars? Mars is a totally different world to go there and think humans can settle on the planet is brave as well insane and groundbreaking it we succeed.

We speak about all this and more on todays episode of The Ordinary People Show!!

ad .


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