The Ordinary People Show #9 – Detention!


Finally we have another female guest!

We are looking for more female narratives and perspectives for the show as we don’t want it to be dominated by male opinions only.

Luckily our guest Zoh reached out to us and helped us to create one of the most enjoyable conversations so far.This episode was a particularly pleasant experience as the guest had brought us some exciting topics as gifts.

On today’s episode we spoke about blame culture as a lot of things are happening in the world today and people aren’t taking responsibility for their actions as its easier to pass the blame.

Does anyone have an idea what an “Ideodemocracy” is?

Pay close attention to this episode and Era will explain everything about the new concept he has created for a Goverment. (Adding to that politics currently seems like a popularity contest more than anything else.)

Anyway back to new trends…

What’s this about free bleeding? A movement of feminists who don’t wear tampons and would like to “bleed freely”. Is this another example of extreme feminism?What point does this prove? …surely women bleeding on themselves effects them much more than the men that they say want to oppress them?

Who knows…?!

Can black people be racist? Can love be pure?

Listen to the show to find out our views….

All this and more on today’s controversial episode of the Ordinary People Show!


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