#18 “No Nigeria” ft @Jameelajoie and @PeachesLenoir

Shout out to hayfever first of all. What does hayfever mean? And why does Ed only get hayfever while only in the UK?

We enjoyed the first snatched episode so much we thought we’d bring more of the girls on. For those that missed the first meeting snatched is a website that promotes female empowerment.

We spoke about the most views articles which are the Perfect Blow Job, the Perfect Orgasm does this mean most of the audience are horny?

Have we always been horny? Are we obsessed with sex? Or are we just told these things in an attempt to deny our natural urges.

The Snatched group identity with the motto “Believe In Your Slay” which basically means to believe in yourself and your abilities.

The Snatched group identify themselves as the feminists that fight for the female social freedoms that males have, and rightly so.

At some point during the show Ed got taken down by hayfever to a point where he seemed drunk. Lets see if you can notice at what point this happened, he still hung in there until the end of the show. There is nothing like a dedicated co host lol.

We have all this and more on todays episode of the Ordinary People Show!!!


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